1st, ShortCategory 2005 - Margaret Livingstone

Allegro con Spirito

At the open door the drops fall slowly each
a crown of energy that bursts against the stone.

His mother's fingers mirror the falling rain
as she plays each note with its halo of sound.

Further out the water slides from the roof
a sheet of droplets that slices air like ice

floods her hands with music whilst her child
puts his ear to the wood and drinks vibration.

2nd, ShortCategory 2005 - Shirley Percy

Rose times table

Daisy rose rose
rose rose violet
clover rose daffodil
violet rose lupin
pansy rose lily
daffodil rose daisy-rose
iris rose daisy-violet
lupin rose daisy-daffodil
butercup rose daisy-lupin
lily rose rose leaf.

3rd, ShortCategory 2005 - John Lawrence

I often wondered

about the shape of Mother's worry. Was it
runaway-bus-shaped, girlfriend's-blush-shaped,
unmuzzled-dog-shaped, class-A-drug-shaped,
underage-sex-shaped, overage-sex-shaped,
office-rumour-shaped, hide-and-seek-tumour-shaped
but no
wait -
it was shaped
like a row of reluctant ampersands,
squatting, poised, to be sent into combat one by one.