1st, Short Category 2007 - Jason Watts


I saw her sway and I knew her
my neighbour, Henry's wife, with her zimmer
beside her, sway in time to the song --
Irene, where has your body gone

now the music is slim in your mind, and time
is under you, like the sea under the clean line
of a ship fully rigged, sails unfurled
and the wind playing in the sail, like you as a girl.

2nd, Short Category 2007 - Carole Bromley

Where I See You

In the bedroom. Obviously.
Every time I walk down that path.

At the station in a cloud of steam,
on summer evenings when a blackbird sings
and I'm writing, thinking I've forgotten.

At the front door when the bell rings
and there's no-one there. By the fountain
where you waited on that bench.

On Twelfth Night, always on Twelfth Night
when I'm taking down the cards.

3rd, Short Category 2007 - Rob Hindle

The beggar

He has taken some trouble.
His hair is oiled and parted,
his empty sleeve pinned
and tucked in a blazer pocket.

Mendigo. It is like a benediction;
but it is clear from his level gaze,
from the jut of his chin,

this vigil with its paper cup of coins
is nothing but horror to him.